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But I never seem to remember when I'm online. . . I'm a horrible fan. . .

Anyway, I want you guys to share the tale on how ka-yu became your favorite of the Janners.  And if you're fave member isn't ka-yu but you still like him enough to be a member of this community, then share your story on how your obsession with Janne da Arc began.

As for me, it all began on a coldish day in November of 2004 when [profile] kikuko_kamimura invited me over to watch some Malice Mizer, hide, Janne da Arc, etc, because I didn't have a clue and wanted some help with finding out more about Japan's offerings of musicians, etc.  We ended up watching Janne's "Fate or Fortune" concert.  I remember looking at all the members and having my gaze drawn to the man in leather with piercings playing the bass.  And that was that.  There has been moments when Yasu looks hot enough to sway me, but I always ALWAYS have loved ka-yu.  I'm a girl who appreciates tattoos and piercings, oh yes indeed.

Anyway, share your stories, and let's get this community a little less quiet!

Yours in mutual ka-yu devotion,
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Ka-yu's bass?

Date: 2006-11-17 01:05 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Does anyone knows what brand of bass ka-yu-san uses?
I can't really see in the videos and lives ^^'

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