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Name:Kazuyuki Matsumoto
Website:Kazuyuki Matsumoto Official Website
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Community description:A place for all things ka-yu, the bassist of Janne da Arc
Welcome to the Livejournal community about ka-yu, the bassist of Janne da Arc. This group will focus on Kazuyuki Matsumoto's solo work with Solid Beat and so on.

1. When you post pictures, you can have ONE outside an lj-cut, but please put everything else behind it. Thanks!

More to come later.

Links List:
Solid Beat Official Web Shop
Avex site
heavens_place - THE Janne da Arc community on Livejournal
SOLID BEAT Kazuyuki Matsumoto Fanlisting
Ka-yu @ Wiki
Kikuko_kamimura's Translations

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